IEP or 504 Consultation

An IEP provides for specialized instruction for students in grades K–12, while a 504 plan can serve students at both the K–12 and college levels.
IEP / 504 consultation

Request Consultation for Academic Accommodation

Having worked in primary and secondary schools throughout Long Island, Dana is well-versed in understanding the unique challenges students with special needs face and ways to help parents support their child as they navigate their public school system. Dana is happy to sit down with you and discuss options available in terms of academic accommodations and what you may be entitled to on an IEP or 504 plan for your child.

What to Expect

IEP 504

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dana Ellis offers therapy online or in person.

Dana Ellis primarily works with neurodivergent populations. She specializes in working with anxiety, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Dana’s goal is to help each of her clients, no matter how young, realize their fullest potential.

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